Jusletter IT

Shared Responsibility

How to find Just Sentences for Social Structures

  • Author: Markus Fath
  • Category: Short Articles
  • Region: Germany
  • Field of law: Legal Theory
  • Collection: Q-Justice 2011
  • Citation: Markus Fath, Shared Responsibility, in: Jusletter IT 29 June 2011
The paper starts with a short summary of the work done so far by the author on this topic by pointing out the necessity to overcome the question of guilt as a decision factor. Then by the example of (sexual) child abuse the concept of shared responsibility as replacement is introduced and specified. The paper closes with a suggestion of practical measures that are able to leave a sustainable impact on necessary changes of social structures and make a contribution to the goal of general prevention.


  • 1. (Not really an) Introduction
  • 2. From the Question of Guilt to a concept of Shared Responsibility
  • 3. Shared Responsibility: the example of (Sexual) Child Abuse
  • 4. How to find Just Sentences for Social Structures
  • 5. Reference

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