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Values and Factors in Legal Balancing

  • Author: Michał Araszkiewicz
  • Category: Short Articles
  • Region: Poland
  • Field of law: Legal Theory
  • Collection: Q-Justice 2011
  • Citation: Michał Araszkiewicz, Values and Factors in Legal Balancing, in: Jusletter IT 29 June 2011
The paper deals with the problem of the relation between factor-based reasoning and teleological reasoning in legal balancing. The basic types of value judgments employed in legal argumentation are identified. The problem of legal balancing is commented upon from the perspective of ideas if corrective and distributive justice. I argue that it is possible to distinguish three functions of factor-based reasoning with regard to legal teleology: approximating function, constraining function and determining function. Several types of argument schemes concerning factors and values are presented and discussed.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Value Judgments in Legal Reasoning
  • 2.1. Types of Value Judgments
  • 2.2. Teleological Reasoning, Justice and Epistemic Problems
  • 3. Factor-Based Reasoning
  • 3.1. The Concept of Factor
  • 3.2. The Relation between Factors and Values in Legal Reasoning
  • 4. Argumentation Moves
  • 5. Conclusions and Further Research
  • 6. Reference

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