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The Challenges of Privacy and Data Protection Posed by Smart Grids

  • Authors: Paul de Hert / Dariusz Kloza
  • Category: Short Articles
  • Region: Belgium
  • Field of law: LEFIS (Legal Framework for the Information Society)
  • Collection: Conference proceedings IRIS 2011
  • Citation: Paul de Hert / Dariusz Kloza, The Challenges of Privacy and Data Protection Posed by Smart Grids, in: Jusletter IT 24 February 2011
The Third Energy Package (2009) encourages a long-term modernisation of electrical grids in Europe. Hence the European Commission considers a roll-out of the EU-wide regulatory framework for the next-generation grids, i.e. smart grids, including smart meters. Among all the promised benefits, this concept raises a number of privacy and data protection issues. The main aim of this introductory essay is to identify and briefly analyse them from the EU perspective. This paper forms a part of a broader research on privacy and data protection within smart grids.


  • 1. Background
  • 2. The EU legislative framework for privacy and data protection
  • 3. The pressure of smart metering on the right to privacy
  • 4. Does the smart metering violate the right to data protection?
  • 5. Conclusions

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