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Long-term Preservation and Legal Validity of E-Law

  • Author: Monica Palmirani
  • Category: Short Articles
  • Region: Italy
  • Field of law: Elektronische Rechtsetzung
  • Collection: Conference proceedings IRIS 2011
  • Citation: Monica Palmirani, Long-term Preservation and Legal Validity of E-Law, in: Jusletter IT 24 February 2011
The role of official gazettes and journals in Web 2.0 is changing, and the new Web technologies are providing an opportunity to introduce new functionalities. Thus Legal XML is being widely adopted as a method for managing legal documentation. In this new dematerialized scenario (e-Law) the official gazettes, and the relative institutional bodies, have to balance competing desiderata – XML expressiveness with the long-term preservation and integrity of documents – taking into account not only the technical aspects but also legal-philosophical considerations. One challenge will be to exploit technical advances to ensure the authenticity and validity of digital sources of law over time, all the while ensuring that system manipulations can be distinguished from the original content issued by the law- or rule-making body. This paper presents some possible scenarios analyzing the characteristics that Legal XML should have if we are to achieve the goal of preserving the validity of digital legal documents over time for the generations to come.


  • 1. The Roles of the Official Gazettes in Web 2.0
  • 2. Legal XML and Official Gazettes in Europe
  • 3. State of the Art of Legal XML
  • 4. Characteristics of the Legal XML Standard
  • 5. Legal Document Values Over Time
  • 5.1. Authenticity, Integrity, Validity, and Persistency
  • 5.2. The Akoma Ntoso Approach
  • 6. Conclusions
  • 7. References

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