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Legislative Time Machine – Explore Law in the Past, Present, and Future

  • Author: Grant Vergottini
  • Category: Short Articles
  • Region: USA
  • Field of law: Elektronische Rechtsetzung
  • Collection: Conference proceedings IRIS 2011
  • Citation: Grant Vergottini, Legislative Time Machine – Explore Law in the Past, Present, and Future, in: Jusletter IT 24 February 2011
Despite being consolidated into codes, determining California's law at a point in the past is often quite difficult. Likewise, predicting what it might be like in the near future is challenging. The codes released by the State of California only reflect the law at the current time. Even when the historical records of California legislation are made public, the information is often fragmented, incomplete, or ambiguous. We are developing a holistic solution to this problem in the form of a legislative time machine that can present the law as it did look at a date in the past, as it does look at the present time, as it will look in the future based on the effective statutes, and as it might look in the future based on pending legislation. This system is built on semantic web technology.


  • 1. Prior Work
  • 2. Problem Statement
  • 3. Project Concept
  • 4. Understanding California’s Codes and Statutes
  • 5. Legislative Information Model
  • 5.1. Versioning
  • 5.2. Identifiers
  • 5.3. Referencing
  • 6. Time-Based Calculation of the Codes
  • 6.1. Examples
  • 7. Sources of Information Integrated
  • 8. Current Implementation
  • 9. Future Goals
  • 10. References

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