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Distributive Multimedia and Multisensory Legal Machines

  • Authors: Friedrich Lachmayer / Vytautas Čyras
  • Category: Short Articles
  • Region: Austria
  • Field of law: Legal Visualisation
  • Collection: Conference proceedings IRIS 2011
  • Citation: Friedrich Lachmayer / Vytautas Čyras, Distributive Multimedia and Multisensory Legal Machines, in: Jusletter IT 24 February 2011
Since Aristotle, legal philosophy explores and develops its concept of the iustitia distributiva. Currently, a trend in legal informatics both transforms and adopts long-established traditional cognitive patterns of (legal) philosophy. For example, it reveals the antique and medieval roots of (legal) ontologies. Similarly, new concepts of societal distribution can be elaborated in the context of multimedia and therefore multisensory legal machines. By reference to automats performing legal transactions, traffic lights, and ticket machines, we will explain new concepts of legal procedures. These concepts base on algorithms governing these procedures. Such distributive multimedia and hence multisensory legal machines are not only applications of legal informatics and e-government, but they can also be adequately analysed within the theoretical and practical framework of multisensory law. This new legal discipline in the making particularly focuses on the uni- and multisensory aspects and implications of the new ICT to which the machines at issue belong.


  • 1. Human beings and machines
  • 2. Two stages: real life and its representation
  • 3. Legal machines in multisensory jurisprudence
  • 4. Conclusions
  • 5. References

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