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The «Dominance» in Abuses of Dominant Companies

Part of Dissertation: Abuses of Dominant Companies in the Area of Data Protection and Data Security

  • Author: Aleksander Wiatrowski
  • Category: Articles
  • Region: Finland
  • Field of law: Data Protection, Competition law
  • Citation: Aleksander Wiatrowski, The «Dominance» in Abuses of Dominant Companies, in: Jusletter IT 15 May 2013
The existence of dominant companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. result in a dangerous situation in terms of abuses of data protection and data security legislation. It is important to specify the term «dominant» or «dominance» as, in my opinion, the existing definition from a competition law perspective does not apply to the situation concerning privacy and data protection. So far law has not presented any other sufficient way to describe «dominance».


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Non-legal Dominance?
  • 3. Dominance in Competition Law
  • 3.1. Super Dominance
  • 4. Dominant Companies
  • 5. The New Dominance
  • 5.1. Global and Multinational
  • 5.2. Strong Overall Market Position
  • 5.3. Strong Economic Position
  • 5.4. Possible Legal Influence
  • 6. Summary

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