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Trade Secrets in the Digital Age – Reorganization of the StGB and StPO

  • Author: Thomas Hoeren
  • Category: Articles
  • Region: Germany
  • Field of law: Data Protection, Data Security
  • Citation: Thomas Hoeren, Trade Secrets in the Digital Age – Reorganization of the StGB and StPO, in: Jusletter IT 24 May 2018
Traditionally, lawyers are facing the problem that they are not allowed to outsource their data processing to auxiliary staff. Criminal law forbids it due to the particular confidentiality called attorney-client privilege. Through new regulations in Germany, these provisions are being liberated, nevertheless textual insecurities remain. (ah)

Table of contents

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Restructuring
  • 1. Legislative History
  • 2. Internally Cooperating Persons
  • 3. Other Participating Persons
  • 4. Disclosure
  • a) Dogmatic Problems
  • b) The Concept of Disclosure
  • c) A Circular Reasoning?
  • 5. New Sanctions
  • a) Obligation to Maintain Secrecy
  • b) Relation to DSGVO
  • c) Foreign Cloud Providers
  • III. The Right to Refuse to Testify
  • 1. Effects on Section 97 StPO
  • 2. Effects on Section 160a StPO
  • IV. Changes to BRAO
  • V. Conclusion

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