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The Teaching Exception in the DSM Copyright Directive: Future or Dead End?

  • Authors: Matěj Myška / Jakub Harašta
  • Category: Articles
  • Region: Czech Republic
  • Field of law: IP Law
  • Collection: Conference proceedings IRIS 2018
  • Citation: Matěj Myška / Jakub Harašta, The Teaching Exception in the DSM Copyright Directive: Future or Dead End?, in: Jusletter IT 22 February 2018
The paper critically analyses the exception for teaching activities as proposed in the Art. 4 of the DSM Copyright Directive. It presents and discusses the normative text and its features, namely the scope of application (beneficiaries and allowed uses), remuneration and the issue of licence priority – i.e. the possibility of the Member states to limit the application of the exception, if the intended material is easily available for licensing. Next, the changes proposed by the respective EP Committees are presented and evaluated. Finally, suggestions for better regulation of the exception are offered.

Table of contents

  • 1. Introduction – status quo
  • 2. The proposed exception for use of protected subject matter in digital and cross-border teaching activities
  • 2.1. The Commission’s proposal
  • 2.2. JURI Draft report
  • 2.3. IMCO Opinion
  • 2.4. ITRE Opinion
  • 2.5. CULT Opinion
  • 3. Recommended regulatory approach
  • 4. Conclusions and future developments
  • 5. References

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