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L’emploi de l’intelligence artificielle dans le domaine des CorpTech

  • Authors: Fabian Teichmann / Léonard Gerber
  • Region: Switzerland, EU
  • DOI: 10.38023/57e87d3d-a582-46fd-bdcf-3664fbc429db
  • Citation: Fabian Teichmann / Léonard Gerber, L’emploi de l’intelligence artificielle dans le domaine des CorpTech, in: Jusletter IT 25 February 2021
This article illustrates recent trends of artificial intelligence in the corporate field. In a context of labor automation, AI applications are flourishing over the years. AI applications are being implemented at the level of management, human ressources and even directorial functions, notably since the nomination of an AI-algorithm in a hongkongese venture capital fund in 2014. Optimism in IA applications should nevertheless be restrained by the awareness of it’s technical as well as legal boundaries. Advanced knowledge about the potential and boundaries of AI should guide the legislator in his regulatory approach.


  • I. Introduction
  • II. Aspects techniques
  • III. Initiatives CorpTech
  • a. Limites techniques
  • b. Limites juridiques
  • IV. Perspectives de l’IA

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