Jusletter IT

Some aspects of the evolution of legal norms in the Lower Pleistocene

A quantitative approach to normativity

  • Autor/Autorin: Francesco Romeo
  • Kategorie: Kurzbeiträge
  • Region: Italien
  • Rechtsgebiete: Rechtstheorie
  • Sammlung: Q-Justice 2011
  • Zitiervorschlag: Francesco Romeo, Some aspects of the evolution of legal norms in the Lower Pleistocene, in: Jusletter IT 29. Juni 2011
The research focuses on the relationship between normativity, law, and evolution of culture: legal normativity is represented as a cognitive trait allowing a temporal displacement useful for contemporaneous considerations of temporally detached realities, coupled with the trust in what ought to be. The mix-up between reality and representation in the first cave paintings allowed the hormones that regulate the trusting behavior at the brain level, to increase individual cooperative behaviors, leading to the introduction of egalitarian rules in sharing the prey, stabilizing the cooperation in the group and enabling culture to evolve.


  • 1. Starting point for this research
  • 1.1. Human culture and evolution. Choosing a theory of evolution
  • 1.2. Law and evolution. Choosing a concept of law
  • 2. Further Steps
  • 2.1. Culture and the expression of normativity
  • 2.2. Another account of normativity
  • 2.2.1. First component of normativity
  • 2.2.2. Second component of normativity
  • 3. The cave paintings hypothesis
  • 3.1. First condition
  • 3.2. Second condition

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