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The Frame of Privacy

  • Autor/Autorin: Michał Araszkiewicz
  • Beitragsart: Rechtstheorie
  • Kategorie: Beiträge
  • Rechtsgebiete: Rechtstheorie
  • Sammlung: Tagungsband IRIS 2020
  • DOI: 10.38023/d6f009d7-f3a9-4942-9437-e5fb7fafbe63
  • Zitiervorschlag: Michał Araszkiewicz, The Frame of Privacy, in: Jusletter IT 30. September 2020
The issues concerning protection of privacy are one of the most pressing challenges of the contemporary legal cultures. Privacy remains one of the most elusive concepts used in legal discourse. Apparently it is not possible to defi ne what privacy is , but it is reasonable to indicate situations which are rationally classified as privacy-relevant. In this paper we refine this view by introducing the notion of the frame – a complex knowledge representation structure that integrates the issues of relevance and the issues of classification. We discuss how this proposal may link the classical knowledge-based representation approach with the more recent, quantitative methods for legal text analysis.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Structure of Concepts in the Theories and Models of Legal Reasoning
  • 3. What Type of Concept Privacy Is?
  • 4. Outline of the Frame
  • 5. Conclusions
  • 6. Bibliography

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