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The newer "lightweight" virtualization solution of the container has - in contrast to the virtual machine - remained largely untreated in legal doctrine until now. Nina Locher analyzes copyright and contract law aspects.

Timothy Rabozzi, Lucas Kyriacou, and Tanja Mitrić have designed an application and a comparison algorithm to promote coherent and unambiguous statutory language and to support the administrative lawmaking process. They are evaluating how LegalTech can assist in the legislative process.

Weblaw and the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) have entered into a partnership. LLI is an open and interdisciplinary platform to promote new thinking in the legal industry. Through LLI Extracts and Whitepapers, the Liquid Legal Institute informs the other LLI members as well as the interested public about the work results of its project teams. The projects aim to produce results that can be directly applied and implemented in practice. The publications appear as articles in Jusletter IT, as eBook and as paperbacks in both German and English. They are knowledge building blocks for the digitization of law and useful guides for transformation in the legal market.

The whitepaper Contract Lifecycle Management - How to select the right platform? (Klaus Gresbrand et al.) and the LLI Extract Liquify Legal - In 7 steps to transformation (Kai Jacob, Dierk Schindler, Roger Strathausen and Bernhard Waltl) mark the beginning of this cooperation.

This year, the International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS) was accompanied by a series of events (the so-called IRIS trimester) in the weeks and months before and after the actual conference. At the workshop on March 18, 2021, e-justice in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland was examined from the perspective of judges and judicial officers. In this issue we publish the contributions of Michael Kunz, Ralf Köbler, Kerstin Just and Lukas Huber as video podcasts.

Speaking of events: On August 26, the next Weblaw Forum LegalTech event will take place, this time on the topic of "The Regulation of Blockchain Technology".

At this point, we would also like to point out an interesting new publication at Editions Weblaw: In his Practice Manual for Internal Investigations and eDiscovery, David Rosenthal provides step-by-step guidance on the most important topics from A to Z, practical tips, Dos & Don'ts and dozens of questions and answers for all those who are confronted with the challenge of conducting, commissioning or accompanying an internal investigation or "eDiscovery" in a judicial or regulatory proceeding.

The next issue will be published on September 30. Contributions are still being accepted, and the editorial deadline is September 1.

I wish you a pleasant summer. 

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