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Informationelle Selbstbestimmung / neues schweizerisches Datenschutzgesetz / Lawyer Well-Being

Dear readers

Today's issue, edited by Sandra Husi-Stämpfi, is all about informational self-determination in the digitalized age and the new Swiss data protection law. Reto Fanger, Peter Andres, Daniel W. Seiler, Marcel Griesinger, Ursula Uttinger and David Rosenthal have contributed articles. A detailed introduction to the issue by the editor can be found in the article "Guiding thoughts: are we the gravediggers of our informational self-determination and state digital sovereignty?".

Furthermore, in this issue we publish the latest whitepaper of the Liquid Legal Institute, edited by Kai Jacob, Jutta Löwe, Diane Manz, Dierk Schindler, Roger Strathausen and Bernhard Waltl. Lawyer Well-Being - Personal Health of Legal Professionals in Times of Disruption is about the health of lawyers in times of digital transformation and covid. First results of the empirical study have already been published in short form in Jusletter IT of September 30, 2021.

The topic of metaverse and NFTs is currently on everyone's lips. The Weblaw Academy is therefore focusing on this topic in May and June. We are organizing two half-day courses in which you will learn in an exclusive setting with a maximum of 3-4 participants everything you need for a successful session/meeting in the metaverse. You will practice moving purposefully in the virtual space and will experience a handshake with another avatar in the Metaverse for the first time. At the full-day Weblaw Metaverse Summit, which we are co-hosting with Härting Rechtsanwälte AG on June 28, 2022 in Zurich, we will get to the bottom of the Metaverse and the many questions it raises. How did the Metaverse come into being? Which legal aspects play a key role? Which use cases and business models already exist? What are NFTs and what is the significance of blockchains?

The next issues of Jusletter IT will already follow in May and June with contributions from the International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS) 2022. At this point, we can also already announce that we are currently working on the relaunch of Jusletter IT: With the September issue, we will launch a new website, an international team of editors, and many other improvements. 

I wish you an exciting read!

Philip Hanke
Director of Publishing


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