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Digital Trade Regulation / First Global AI Survey / Use of M365 by public bodies

Dear readers,

Just before the holidays, we have some extremely stimulating reading at the interface of law and IT.

The regulatory landscape of digital commerce has changed profoundly over the past ten years. Mira Burri analyzes the role of Switzerland in particular and examines its existing network of free trade agreements as well as the growing number of provisions relevant to the regulation of the digital economy.

Under the editorship of Michał Jackowski and Michał Araszkiewicz, a groundbreaking study on the use of artificial intelligence in legal practice has been published in the Liquid Legal Institute White Paper series. Over 200 international law firms were surveyed and the study was supplemented by the assessments of 25 researchers in the field of AI and law.

How can public bodies in Switzerland use cloud services (in particular M365) in compliance with fundamental rights and data protection? In their report, Markus Schefer and Philip Glass examine this question using the example of the Canton of Zurich.

Looking back, the legal and IT year 2023 was dominated by one topic in particular: Generative AI. Over a dozen webinars were held as part of our series "ChatGPT & Co. und die Rechtswelt". You can watch them free of charge in the archive. The topic of Metaverse has also been on our agenda (archive). You can now find the central meeting point for providers, service providers and interested parties on our LegalTech Hub.

Plenty of "food for thought" for the holidays. We wish you an enjoyable read and will be reporting back from the International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS) in Salzburg in February.

Philip Hanke
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