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In a world where the rights of users are endangered by a lack of transparency on digital platforms, this is not a sufficient «disinfectant». Rolf H. Weber therefore analyzes alternative regulatory approaches such as accountability, auditability, and content moderation, and advocates for a concept of targeted transparency based on soft-law instruments.

On June 15, 2023, the Weblaw Forum LegalTech took place. The title was: «ChatGPT & Co. and Automation in Law». In this issue, we publish several recordings of lectures at the forum. Franz Kummer describes the status quo of the legal industry and dares to take a look into the futureMark Bosshard shows how he automates Swiss German phone calls and meetings with GPT. Henrik Wehrs demonstrates the automation possibilities in law firms and legal services through AI. Frank Richter presents the FRAUKE project, which was developed at the Frankfurt am Main District Court. Philip Glass addresses personality protection in the context of automated personal data processing. Alesch Staehelin provides an overview of the term artificial intelligence and its definition. Anita Lamprecht and Valérie Saintot have a conversation about democratic and educated discourses as well as the role of education in the age of AI. David Schneeberger shows how to use ChatGPT yourself and write efficient prompts.

We wish you exciting reading and, in this issue, especially pleasant listening and viewing pleasure.

Philip Hanke
Publishing Director


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