Jusletter IT

Dear Readers,

After a longer period of birth, the magazine Jusletter IT enters the stage of the ongoing production of four issues per year. As editors, we are pleased to present the June issue focusing on «Quantitative Aspects of Justice and Fairness: Proportionality and Justice – QAJF».

Of course, institutions are an important backbone of our society, but finally an individual has to make a decision and to take the (psychic and real) burden of its consequences. Such decisions are based on different measures specifically coined by any culture and generation. quantius.org working group aims at studying such measures and foundations of proportionality and quantitative justice and fairness and to contribute to a better cross-cultural understanding.

As a journal, Jusletter IT can be considered as a «spin-off» of the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS, the biggest related conference in Central Europe. To date, three conference volumes have appeared in Jusletter IT, and the other conference proceedings will be completed gradually.

Jusletter IT is an electronic journal and complies with the trend to relocate text collections in the «cloud», with the main advantage of being always available.

Like the IRIS conference, Jusletter IT shall represent legal informatics as broad as possible. Located at the interchange of law and computer science, the fullness of thought as well as the practice should find its space in this journal. The three major themes will be technical legal informatics, IT law and legal theory. In detail, the following topics are considered: legal information, search techniques for lawyers, e-discovery, advanced applications in law, e-government, e-democracy, e-justice, electronic regulation, knowledge-based process management in administrative networks, open government, e-taxation and finance online, e-procurement, e-learning, privacy and data security, intellectual property, e-commerce, telecommunications law, IT compliance, theory of IT law, legal theory, visualization of law (or multisensory law) and science fiction and utopias.

Jusletter IT is designed as an international journal, and therefore it includes at least contributions in the languages German, English and French.

There is no limitation to specific countries. We welcome contributions from all legal systems, with particular emphasis on the European legal systems, and here again on those in the German-speaking world.

Jusletter IT wants to be the platform for electronic proceedings of the main scientific legal informatics  conferences. The technical solution provides maximum availability and significant cost advantages.

Discourse and scientific exchange are very important to us. For this reason, university staff and students is granted free access to Jusletter IT on a so-called campus license. We are pleased to invited universities to register for this service.

The IT law section will be significantly expanded in the coming months. Each issue should contain a summary of key events and documents in the countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria. «Big issues» will be given appropriate attention.

Every beginning is difficult and this is particularly true for magazines in new areas of law with an international focus. If you have an idea for a publication or currently working on a publication project in IT and law, or have completed such, please send us your contributions and ideas.

We are currently building a large team of editors representing both the entire scope and depth and ensuring that reports and analysis of latest developments are found in best quality in Jusletter IT.

Having said this, we hope you enjoy reading this issue!