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As already announced, today's issue continues our series of contributions to the «International Legal Informatics Symposium» (IRIS) 2020. In 28 articles the authors deal with the topics of autonomous driving, text and contract analysis, legal tech, legal information and search technologies, robolaw, and e-government, e-justice, e-democracy and e-legislation.

In addition, Ronzani Schlauri Attorneys have four TechLawNews for you, covering data retention, force majeure in IT service agreements, proximity tracing and a judgment on Facebook's «Like» button.

By the way: Tomorrow, the 6th Weblaw Forum Legal Tech will take place under the motto «Recht [Law] 4.0». Sign up and join the discussions! The presentations will be published as podcasts afterwards.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Erich Schweighofer
Editor, Professor,
University of Vienna, AT

Franz Kummer
Editor, Co-owner Weblaw AG,
Bern, CH

P.S.: All new Jusletter IT contributions will now receive a DOI (document object identifier). If you publish in Jusletter IT, your work will be even more visible and you will also meet the requirements of many research funding agencies!

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