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The general theme of the 24th International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS) 2021 was "Cybergovernance". A closing event was held in Vienna in June 2021. At this event, which also marked his 70th birthday, Rolf H. Weber gave a closing lecture on "Cybergovernance revisited", which we now publish in this issue in written form and supplemented by footnotes. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him once again and thank him for his many years of service as editor and author of Jusletter IT.
Several blockchain projects are currently working to move from proof-of-work algorithms to proof-of-stake. Kilian Schärli, Luzius Meisser, and Reto Luthiger take a financial market law approach to the staking of cryptocurrencies.
Fabian Teichmann and Léonard Gerber devote their article to the revision of Liechtenstein's Financial Market Supervision Act, which is particularly relevant with regard to the use of blockchain technology.
In the column "The DPO View", Matthias Glatthaar is dedicated to profiling and provides recommendations for corporate practice.
Our cooperation partner Liquid Legal Institute has produced three more brochures on exciting and current topics, which we publish as e-books here. The Silent Epidemic is dedicated to the mental health of lawyers in times of pandemics, digital transformation and other megatrends. The survey conducted here certainly breaks a taboo. Another brochure addresses the question of how to define key performance indicators (KPI) for legal departments. In the third brochure, LLI has developed a starter kit for e-signatures to make it easier for organizations to move to digital signatures.
The course "LegalTech and its impact on the world of work", conducted by Franz Kummer at the University of St.Gallen, has taken place again. Like last year, we are publishing a selection of the final theses in our "Next Generation" category. Students have been thinking about the topics of Blockchain, Legal Design Thinking, LegalTech, eDiscovery and more. We are pleased to provide Jusletter IT as a venue for new ideas.
We wish you an exciting read!
Philip Hanke
Editor-in-Chief Jusletter IT
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