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In honour of leading prosecutor Dr. Martin Schneider, the Festschrift «e-Justice in Österreich – Erfahrungsberichte und europäischer Kontext» has been published to the 60th year of his life in the beginning of 2014 and was presented to the jubilee. As a visionary and creator, Dr. Martin Schneider has been honoured as «Legal Scientist of the Year» in 2004. In 2011, he was awarded with the Grand Decoration of Honour in Silver for Services to the Republic of Austria by the Federal President. For more than 30 years, he stands in close interrelation to the applications that have been successfully introduced into the Austrian Justice. The Festschrift as well as this special issue of Jusletter IT try to constitute the status of e-justice in Austria as a snapshot, not without also referring to the increasingly important European context.
Basically, the term e-justice includes the electronic legal transactions and the file in judiciary. The delimitation to e-government and administration is of particular importance here and the constitutional special position, notably of judges, prosecutors and judicial officers should be taken into account.
In the meantime, the automation has reached a very high level and captures almost all procedures. A judiciary that isn’t able to recognize and cover new requirements in this field too wouldn’t be classified as contemporary and its accomplishments would stay behind the European Standard.
With a total of 44 articles written by 55 authors, the reader is offered an informative and entertaining journey through the national and European IT landscape.
Whereas the first part of articles refers to the Austrian developments within the last years, while still taking into account IT strategies and the «Initiative Justiz 3.0», the second part prioritises the IT, the Federal Computer Centre, the IBM as well as lawyers and notaries as partners in the implementation.
Connections of legal informatics and informatics law under the law of civil procedure and data protection are shown before the European Context is thoroughly considered. Articles of the European Union, the Council of Europe, from Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Finland reveal, that e-justice has long since gone «cross border».
This electronic version is completed by the obituary for Herbert Fiedler (1929–2015), written by Erich Schweighofer and Friedrich Lachmayer.
Additionally, this issue contains podcasts, recorded in line with the IRIS 2015 on the topic Co-operation. These perfectly complement single articles of the Jusletter IT issue of 26 February 2015.
  • Klaas Schmidt / Iris Speiser, Potentiale und Grenzen der Analyse und Synthese von Argumentationsstrukturen durch rechnergestützte Methoden am Beispiel der Rechtswissenschaft (Podcast)
  • Jörn Erbguth, Neue Suche bei Swisslex (Podcast)
  • Anton Geist / Barbara Ofner, LexisNexis Online 2015 (Podcast)
  • Anton Geist, Content Mapping für Lexis Nexis Online (Podcast)
  • Reinhard Bradatsch, Die neue RDB. Oder: Der schrankenlose Zugriff auf Rechtsinformation (Podcast)
I wish you a fascinating reading!
Senior Prosecutor, editor of the Festschrift in honour of Martin Schneider
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